In Society

Flugel Street (2)

IN SOCIETY was Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s first release after Costello’s extensive layoff due to rheumatic fever, and the first of five to be directed by Jean Yarbrough. The typically absurd 1944 outing runs a quick 75 minutes, was filmed for $659,526 and brought back $3,550,000, 71st place for the year.

b8b9a21a009b1d45168639609e8a6b8cThey play plumbers (not too good at their craft) who bluster their way into wealthy company, wreaking A&C style havoc on the way. Joining them are Marion Hutton (sister of Betty, and one of Glenn Miller’s singers), who can’t act, and Kirby Grant, later famous for the TV series Sky King. Also on hand, with somewhat more polished deliveries, are Thomas Gomez and Arthur Treacher.

The four inserted musical numbers are pretty lame, but the duo does get through a version of the well-known routine “Bagel Street”, which is pretty rough on straw hats made by the ‘Susquehanna Hat Company’. With Margaret Irving, Ann Gillis, Steven Geray and Thurston Hall. A trifle.



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