Take Shelter


TAKE SHELTER—-“Sleep well in your beds. ‘Cause if this thing comes true, there ain’t gonna be any more“.  ‘Curtis LaForche’ is having beyond-bad dreams, not only that but broad daylight apocalyptic visions no one else shares, driving him to prepare an underground emergency hideout from some giant storm event he just knows is coming. Or is he maybe more than a little unhinged to start with?


Since he’s played by the great master of the unstrung, Michael Shannon, we’re all in for the 2011 psychological drama-thriller, superbly written and directed by Jeff Nichols, a keen observer of Middle-American Gothic and its deceptively normal nooks and crannies.  Fine cinematography from Adam Stone helps the director and cast build a steady sense of foreboding.  Made for $4,750,000, it only took in $5,000,000, despite fine reviews. 121 minutes, with Jessica Chastain, Katy Mixon, Shea Wigham, Kathy Baker, Ray McKinnon and Lisa Gay Hamilton. “You think I’m crazy? Well, listen up, there’s a storm coming like nothing you’ve ever seen, and not a one of you is prepared for it.”   All hail Shannon.




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