Wild Target


WILD TARGET  is a nifty black comedy with some good laughs, two delightful lead actors and a catchy music score.  Oddly, it didn’t strike much of a bell with reviewers, and failed financially, only pulling $4,000,000 on a trim $8,000,000 outlay.  A Through The Cracks Situation.OXdpVnZJOFYzb012ZG9UejNzN21UZzQ3_o_movie-trailers-wild-target


Bill Nighy is a hit man (from a family line of same) tasked with taking out sexy congirl Emily Blunt, who ran an art fake scam on the mean Rupert Everett. Will the hangdog assassin and the hottie swindler come to some kind of agreement?  Watch & see.


The actors are delightful, the music bounces, and while the 98 minutes directed by Jeffrey Lynn chugs a bit in the second half, it doesn’t fumble  badly enough to tarnish its dryly wicked kicks. With Rupert Grint, Eileen Atkins, Martin Freeman and Rory Kinnear. The 2010 sleeper was modeled after a 1993 French movie, Cible emouvante. 


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