The Dark


THE DARK —“What kind of freak tears peoples heads off?” Time to find out, if you care dare. Sci-fi, horror and murder-mystery are blended together, as some thing prowls the boulevards of Los Angeles, befuddles the cops, terrifies the citizens, intrigues a lady reporter, and mangles bit players one after another.

Not a bad idea (the story, not the actor-mangling), but a toss-off script, poor editing and uninspired direction (John ‘Bud’ Carlos replaced Tobe Hooper) leave an okay cast with egg on their kissers.  Photography is decent, lots of eerie sounds are concocted, an attempt to be contemporary (ala 1979) is sandwiched in by having angry African-Americans and indignant gays berate the police as they search for the perpetrator. Little helps.  The special effects are Bad.


Yes, this is William Devane being laid back

Bullets won’t stop it, of course, since it’s from another planet. Try fire, that usually works with monsters, regardless of their nationality, size or makeup. Most of the action takes place at night (see:title hint). Whether you want to invest 92 minutes is the real question. Kids are the best audience for this one. Critics attacked.

With William Devane, Cathy Lee Crosby, Richard Jaeckel, Keenan Wynn, Warren Kemmerling, Biff Elliott, Vivian Blaine, Jacquelyn Hyde, Casey Kasem.


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