The Kid From Brooklyn


THE KID FROM BROOKLYN  is a well-produced (Samuel Goldwyn) 1946 Danny Kaye comedy, a remake of Harold Lloyd’s Milky Way from a decade earlier. Kaye plays a milkman who gets haplessly drummed up as a championship prizefighter after an encounter with the real champ (Steve Cochran) which ends with the pro being coldcocked.

burleigh-sullivan1Farce, nicely photographed in pretty color by ace Gregg Toland, directed slickly by comedy pro Norman Z. McLeod (The Paleface, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty ), peppered with bits of manic foolishness from its star.KidFromBrooklynStill2

Virginia Mayo and Vera-Ellen provide the sex appeal, Eve Arden the wisecracks, Lionel Stander the yocks as Kaye’s sparring partner, your basic Palooka. A half-dozen songs are added to the mix.

At 113 minutes, it runs on too long. Popular with audiences, it came in #17 for its year, earning over $4,000,000 in the States. With Walter Able, Jerome Cowan, Don Wilson.


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