Rampage (1963)


RAMPAGE  is a very attractive, pointedly foolish 1963 adventure drama, with the old love triangle hard at work, this time in the jungles of Malaya. Ballsy animal-trapper Robert Mitchum and arrogant big-game hunter Jack Hawkins search for a crossbred tiger-leopard, but spend more time trying to crossbed Elsa Martinelli.


The brunette Italian temptress plays the mistress of Hawkins, just along for the ride.  Burly Bob ensures lust will find its way out in the bush. Laughably stilted dialogue, absurd situations, pretty color and some shimmering scenery, with Hawaii locations once more passing for the jungles of SE Asia.

An exotic score from Elmer Bernstein, teasing glimpses of the Martinelli anatomy, and a couple of big, lean, hungry tigers that cat fanciers will approve of. Schlock fun all round.


Uh,exactly what part of Malaysia are these guys from?

Directed by Phil Karlson, slinking past at 98 minutes, with Sabu, Cely Carillo and Emile Genest. It slunk away in theaters, growling up a muzzled $1,760,000.



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