Lover Come Back


LOVER COME BACK  was a big hit from Christmas of 1961, the second teaming of Rock Hudson and Doris Day. It’s a variation on their Pillow Talk, again dealing with Rock tricking Doris as to his identity (an inside joke if there ever was one), with foil Tony Randall once more Rock’s supportive but befuddled pal.


This outing tamely teases advertising agencies, as the boy-girl competitors zero in their skills on a made-up product called ‘VIP’, which turns out to be a mint wafer that carries the alcohol punch of three martinis.


Edie Adams has a sprightly supporting gig. Hudson is handsome as can be, Doris’ bright smile charms. They click to a tee, and it’s obvious watching them that they enjoyed working with each other. Their teamwork, and the fizzy energy from Randall and Adams carries the film, as the material is awfully dated, so it’s mostly a nostalgia piece with smiles rather than a laugh fest. Audiences loved it in the olden days, making it the 7th biggest hit of its year, ladling out $16,940,000.*


Screenplay (Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning) drew an Oscar nomination. Others in the cast: Jack Oakie, Jack Kruschen, Ann B. Davis, Joe Flynn, Howard St. John, Jack Albertson, Charles Watts, Donna Douglas (a year before she became ‘Elly May Clampett’), John Litel, Richard Deacon, Ted Bessell.  Delbert Mann directed the 107 minutes.

  • *Day’s biggest hit was Pillow Talk, which was #2 for Rock, after Giant.
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