The Squid And The Whale


No, we’re just fine.

THE SQUID AND THE WHALE  is a good example of the Too Close To The Bone Theory (that I just now made up) that can affect  judgments we sometimes levy on hapless actors. (It may be a distant cousin to good old-fashioned prejudice, but that’s a dissertation for someone else to plunder.) I have a close friend, as kind & intelligent, rational & open as you’d wish, who can’t abide Jeff Daniels since she saw him play such a weasel—so well— back in 1983s Terms Of Endearment.  She can’t shake this ick despite his winning work in items as varied as Arachnophobia, Gettysburg and The Newsroom (lest we forget Dumb And Dumber).

Jeff Daniels in The Squid and the Whale

Find heavy dictionary. Strike on head.

This 2005 dramedy is not going to win her over, as Daniels unflinchingly essays to the very nth a casually arrogant, utterly insufferable, self-absorbed intellectual  buffoon (literary branch, complete with rumpled clothes, requisite beard and Volvo).  This smug control-freak ruins his family life, driving wife Laura Linney (excellent as ever) to despair and affair, while elder son Jesse Eisenberg (another actor who can faultlessly play complete jerks–I have to fight against my own just-hatched theory when I watch this dude) apes Dad in his petty disdain for the feelings of other humans. Younger son (Owen Kline) tries to hold it together. “Mom and me versus you and Dad“.


Tell me that’s not my locker.

An art-house indie, this wickedly sharp dissection of a family too-smart-for-any-good was a smash with critics, and returned a satisfying $11,000,000 on a bare-bones $1,500,000 production cost, a labor of love (pain) for writer-director Noah Baumbach, basically relating his own experiences through the unsparingly honest, acid-funny characters.005TSW_Jesse_Eisenberg_006


Oscar nominated for the superb Screenplay, and awarded all over the place by other panels, it’s excruciating, touching, relentlessly frank, sexually honest and bitter (do those last two go together–don’t answer.) Not designed to get you particularly anxious to move to Brooklyn.

With Anna Paquin, William Baldwin, Halley Feiffer, at 81 minutes.


Dick & Dickier


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