Life Of Crime

image (1)LIFE OF CRIME  works pretty well for the first half of a thankfully brief 98 minutes, then it runs out of gas and glides to a ‘meh’? wrapup.  Taken from an Elmore Leonard novel, it aims at the feel of Get Shorty and Jackie Brown (only half as good as either), and does an okay job getting the look of its 1970s setting down. 635624459564159923_life_of_crime_3


A trio of not-that-bright lower-case criminals kidnap a rich lady and hold her for ransom from her obnoxious husband.  As the kidnapette, Jennifer Aniston comes off best in a good cast: John Hawkes, Yasiin Bey, Tim Robbins, Isla Fisher, Mark Boone Jr. and Will Forte.  Direction from Daniel Schechter is undistinguished.  The 2014 film got decent reviews, but tanked at the till, making only $1,700,000 back on a cost of $12,000,000.  Easy enough way to pass some extra time, but if you skip it your life won’t be deprived of much.  The word ‘inconsequential’ comes to mind.


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