The Sheepman


THE SHEEPMAN—–‘amiable’ seems the best tag to pin on this bright little 1958 western, which deals with the time-honored rivalry between cattlemen and sheepherders, and does so in a mock-serious way, giving a likable cast room to be wry.

Nice scenery (around Montrose, Colorado) on view, and director George Marshall keeps a light touch on the doings of James Edward Grant’s Oscar-nominated screenplay. It has Glenn Ford—adeptly kidding his previous tough cowpoke roles—trotting arrogantly into a steak-struck burg and letting everyone know in no uncertain terms that he intends to graze his woolies next to their moo-moos.


Western buffs note that Ford wears his favorite hat once again.  Shirley MacLaine provides spunk and sauce, Edgar Buchanan does his peerless codger bit, Leslie Nielsen makes a slick slicker, Mickey Shaughnessy is amusing as a lumpish bully employed by the bad guys.  Fun 85 minutes was a success, grossing $3,735,000.  With Pernell Roberts, Willis Bouchley, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Slim Pickens, Buzz Henry and Percy Helton.


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