Colorado Territory


COLORADO TERRITORY  is a well-regarded 1949 western, directed by Raoul Walsh, a sort of remake of his 1941 gangster classic High Sierra. Joel McCrea does an able job as a gunfighter, escaped from prison, fleeing into the desert wilderness with $20,000 and half-breed vixen Virginia Mayo. The law pursues.Colorado-Territory-McCreaHenry Hull does typically good work as a geezer who helps out the stalked couple, and young, sexy Dorothy Malone plays the ‘good girl’, who’s just a no-good witch in reality.


Pro technical credits add to the appeal of the story, the timeless yarn of lovers taking on the whole world, with tragedy acting as a magnet. Great finale. 94 minutes, with John Archer, Morris Ankrum, Frank Puglia. It tagged money-spot #59 for the year by grossing $4,600,000.




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