When Worlds Collide

when-worlds-collide-rocket-trackWHEN WORLDS COLLIDE—-another space body wants to share our orbital path, as in Head-On-Collision. Scientists select humanity’s Best & Brightest specimens for a Noah’s Ark type exit via a giant rocketship. Mankind’s cream, however, are represented by a darned bland cast, and 90% of this pioneer sci-fier is taken up by these earnest guys and spunky gals yakking out instantly forgettable gibberish.8315-21083

But when the chit heats the fan it’s impressive in an Old School way—tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes—all designed with the aim of getting kids to squirm with glee as our home base is pulverized.  The movie ends with a heavenly chorus swelling unto ye, while the heroes walk into a cardboard sunset.worlds-collide

Directed by Rudolph Mate, it won an Oscar for Special Effects and a nomination for Best Cinematography.  81 minutes, with Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter Hanson, Larry Keating, John Hoyt (bitter rich guy), Mary Murphy, Hayden Rorke, Frank Cady and an unbilled Stuart Whitman, 23, who also showed up that same year in The Day The Earth Stood Still.


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