Green Fire


GREEN FIRE  homes in on the hills of Colombia, except instead of Juan Valdez combing coffee you have Grace Kelly, in designer clothes. Her plantation lies close by the mountain that he-man pals Stewart Granger and Paul Douglas seek to pillage for “the rocks with the green fire.”  (Colombia produces most of the planet’s emeralds.)


What’s really green is the dialogue, the staging (directed by Andrew Marton) and the story. Location filming adds some novelty (Colombia, I can attest, is beautiful), but the rest of the tale is stale, despite a prowling jaguar, cave-ins, fistfights, landslides, floods and those dratted banditos. The normally great Miklos Rozsa scored, but it’s one of his weakest jobs, and the title song is enough to make you turn, well…green. green-fire

MGM ploughed $1,768,000 into this 100 minute 1954 confection, and it paid off with returns of $4,460,000. Forgotten today, it co-stars John Ericson, Murvyn Vye and two of the villagers later rescued by The Magnificent Seven, Natividad Vacio and Rico Alaniz.



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