Naughty Girl


All eyes are on the dork with the bow tie.

Naughty Girl  is a French farce from 1956, with about as much comedy shelf-life as some of Bob Hope’s late-career fizzles.  It’s of barely fleeting interest only because it stars Brigitte Bardot—gamine look, flirty smile, dancers legs and all— at a sweet and saucy 22.

The situations and slapstick are as tiresome as Charles de Gaulle.  Plot involves a supposedly suave and charming vaudevillian (Jean Bretonniere) who pretends to be BBs uncle in order to foil gangsters.  It’s a treat to see Bardot dance (her ballet training gets some air) and be a tease, but if you wish to indulge you’ll want to fast-forward through the 86 minutes of yawn-making shenanigans.
Directed by Michel Boisrond, who co-wrote with Roger Vadim.  A hit in France, it had delayed release in the US and features Francoise Fabian and Mischa Auer.

cette-sacraaae-gamine-01-g (1)

Must you be scolded once again?

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