The House Bunny


THE HOUSE BUNNY stars Anna Faris, without a lot of clothes on, for most of the movie.  That Fact Alone would be enough to get any normal heterosexual guy to not just watch this movie, but add it to his collection.  Oh, and Emma Stone is in it, so let’s double-down.  It also happens to be a lot of goofy fun, silly with a nice heart even while being predictable from one end to the other.  Yes, it strains a bit toward the end of its stay, like most concept comedies, but with Faris & Stone on view all is forgiven.


                                  Thought being processed.

Without warning, cruelly cast out of the Playboy Mansion, clue-free bunny Faris discovers a sorority that needs a ‘house-mom’ to shape it, keep its charter and beat out the mean-girls sorority across the street. Also to meet guys. The girls from this loser sorority are, of course, all pathetic nerds….until.  Faris is so cute, so honestly sexy (call me a pig right now as I gasp “what a bod!”) and so damn funny with her killer line readings and dumb-to-perfection expressions that she blows away 90% of the bigger-name, more recognized competition without breaking a nail. She’s a Great comedienne. Stone, on the way up (two more years before Easy A) is all that, just in red. Fun support from the always likable Colin Hanks and a sassy Kat Dennings, with Beverly D’Angelo thrown in to seal the deal.


                                            Hosing imminent.

Faris was praised but the movie was lukewarm received by The Critical Community, who must have felt plagued by having to lighten up. It’s been my experience that women get a kick out of Faris/Stone as well as men. It’s hard to see why any persuasion would not be tickled in one way or another by these razor-smart gals. That said, be warned–you do have to deal with a few minutes of Hugh Hefner, but don’t let that unctuous creep put you off Anna, Emma & Kat.


                                     That is like, so not sure.

Those squall-gray snurls too Serious to get with the joke feel free to stomp back to the p.c. aisle. Enjoy the company. Ah, Sexual Politics, where it’s always proven safest to debate yourself.  Another thing to plug this movie for—ogling Faris in a halter and short-shorts for 97 minutes could save you twenty grand and a decade in therapy.

Done up for $25,000,000, rewarded by $70,400,000 at the boxoffice, #59 in 2008. Directed by Fred Wolf, written by Kirsten Smith and Karen McCulla Lutz. Has a fun soundtrack. With Dana Goodman, Sarah Wright, Katherine McFee, Kiely Willams, Christopher McDonald, Monet Mazur.

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