Wild Hogs

WILD HOGS made critics snort, their gorge rising further when its sophomoric antics slopped a hefty herd of the 2007 audience. Another geezers-grab-gusto—seize mid-life by the clichés— concept comedy (The Bucket List tipped over that same year), adorned with pratfalls, poop jokes, “I’m not gay!” gags (too dumb to be offensive) and the time-tested passage rite of bonding thru humiliation. Thanks to the cast, some of it is actually amusing (be in a vacant space, expect little, take a hit or three shots, watch with laid-back friends) and at least it offers scenic values by way of New Mexico locations and the ever-sunny presence of the gift-that-never-fails known as Marisa Tomei. *

A quartet of work &/or wife life battered middel-aged guys escape headaches with weekend jaunts on their motorcycles, styling themselves ‘Wild Hogs’. Pushing ‘wild’ into ‘Bunch’ territory, they embark on a reclaim-one’s nards road trip from Ohio to California. Mishaps test them, especially when their New Mexican route bonks them into a more serious biker gang, the ‘Del Fuegos’. And per movie logic 101, the groups geek and biggest klutz wins a small town dream girl. Never saw that coming…

Silly stuff, scribbled on a colada napkin written by Brad Copeland, dumped directed by Walt Becker, with the Hogs hammed by Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy, the Del Fuegos danger zone posed by Ray Liotta, and the breeze of please hear my prayers, once even  sweetness coming from Ms. Tomei as your basic “total fox who somehow finds a complete doof attractive”—just like in real life.

The feeding trough of star salaries ensured that it took $60,000,000 to make this amiable dorkout; enough patrons out for mindless snickers or yocks ensured the easy hard work took 2007’s 12th place in the States and grossed $253,600,000 globally.

Chopper enthusiasts will enthuse over all the customized Harley’s. Original ‘Wild Angel’ Peter Fonda shows up for a cameo. 99 minutes, with Kevin Durand, Stephen Tobolowsky, John C. McGinley, Jill Hennessey, Tichina Arnold, M.C. Gainey, Jason & Randy Sklar, Kyle Gass, Ty Pennington.

* Man vs. Mouse—the Hell’s Angels sued Disney for using imagery without asking; guess who won. Just the idea of “Hell’s Angels sued Disney” rates a bigger hoot than anything in the flick.

’07’s other Old Duffers Must Play outing, The Bucket List, trailed at #30. Better comedy bets from that year include Knocked Up, Juno, Enchanted, Superbad and–best of all—Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. 

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