Tin Pan Alley


TIN PAN ALLEY put popular stars Alice Faye and Jack Oakie together with fast-risers Betty Grable and John Payne and fit them into this 1940 musical that became the year’s 10th biggest hit. Set in New York during the days before the First World War, the gals play a song & dance sister act who catch the attention of struggling tune turners Payne and Oakie. Naturally, romance pops up, followed by success, hurt feelings, separation, WW1 and making up. All’s well.

I know I look dumb, but that’s an advantage, don’t ya think?”

Pleasant period fluff with likable leads and amusing song & dance interludes, including the rather hotcha “The Sheik of Araby” which features the fabulous Nicholas Brothers.

Alfred Newman’s scoring let him take home his 2nd of nine Oscars. Box office gross was $5,700,000. Directed by Walter Lang. Screenplay by Robert Ellis and Helen Logan. With Allen Jenkins, John Loder, Esther Ralston, Elisha Cook Jr.,(in an atypical role as a pleasant-natured songwriter) and Billy Gilbert.

* The success of this had 20th Century Fox put director Lang onto three more musicals in a row: Moon Over Miami (Grable), Weekend In Havana (Faye, Payne) and Song Of The Islands (Grable)He later helmed ten more in the genre, including The King and I.

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