El Crimen Perfecto

EL CRIMEN PERFECTO, or if you prefer, The Perfect Crime was carried off by director Álex de la Iglesia in 2004, guiding this juicy black comedy that he co-wrote with Jorge Guerricaechevarría. Produced in Spain for €4,750,000, it stole a $9,042,000 worldwide gross, yet swiped barely $419,000 of that in North America. Nuestra perdida. What was a loss for crowds is a win for those who seek it out.

‘Yeyo’s department store: brash beyond Bond, slick sales ace ‘Rafael’ (Guillermo Toledo) commands the women’s wear section like his private fiefdom/harem, serial bedding sexy salesladies like ‘Roxanne’ (Kira Miró, basically OMG!), and indulging his ego. But his playground becomes a mine field when an argument with snide men’s wear rival ‘Don Antonio’ (Luis Varela) escalates into a desperate dead-end. ‘Help’ turns up in the form of the plain and—to Rafael—quite resistible ‘Lourdes’ (Mónica Cervera), but deliverance has a price tag too rich for him to bear.

Delicious battle of sexes nightmare also pokes at consumerism, vanity and bourgeoise power trips while serving as homage to and parody of Hitchcock thrillers, complete with a superb faux-dramatic score by Roque Baños. The cast play it to an unabashed T, with Toledo and Cervera making arrogant, entrapped Rafael and needy, vindictive Lourdes empathetic and pitiable. If you can’t take a skewer, get out of the lingerie aisle.

The lust battleground of Yeyo’s was seamlessly edited together through shots done in multiple department stores in Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona. ‘Yeyo’ can mean several things appropriate to the tempo of this caper, which, along with the titles above, is also known under the guise of Crimen Ferpecto.  Rafael’s run for cover dashes by in 105 minutes, with supporting laughs from Enrique Villén, Fernando Tejero, Rosaria Pardo,  Gracia Olayo and Penélope Velasco.




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