Come And Find Me

COME AND FIND ME might be what star Aaron Paul could ask, regarding his career, after agreeing to shrug, yawn and twitch through this terminally dumb 2016 where-is-she? thriller, written & directed by Zach Whedon. The absurdly convoluted script replaces “where” with “who”, and ends in “why”, as in “Why did I spend 112 minutes with this goop when I could have just reviewed my dating history and gotten pissed off with at least an uttered resolution of self-admonishment to balm the frustration?”

With Annabelle Wallis as the girlfriend: she and Paul have the kind of chemistry that invites disappearance. Garret Dillahunt is on board (bored) as a government operative the vanished girl had some connection with, along with Russian mobsters.  Ridiculous chases and fights ensue. Not one bit believable. Shot in L.A. and British Columbia. The worldwide gross came to a whopping $4,052. If you find it, leave it alone.

           This would be less painful than sticking with the movie until it’s over

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