What Happened To Monday

WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY adds a twist to the Overpopulation Solution branch of the bleak dystopian futures science-fiction movies douse us with. Released in 2017, as directed by Tommy Wirkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) and written by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson, ‘That Which Awaits Us’ takes place in the early 2070s. This is a few decades after our daft species inability to refrain from breeding has forced a one-kid policy, with the ‘Child Allocation Bureau’ putting any subsequent resource guzzlers into cryosleep. Citizens are tracked everywhere (kind of like the very moment you read this, amigo), and the security apparatus is ruthless.

Raised and educated in secret by their grandfather (Willem Dafoe), the Settman’s are seven identical sisters, each named after a different day of the week, all taking turns to pose as one woman named Karen, who works as a banker. They only venture out of their home as the shared-identity Karen on their respective name-days. When one evening Monday fails to return from work, the others, starting with Tuesday, begin to search for her. But someone finks, the State is alerted, and hiding from discovery turns to fighting for their lives. The plans of the C.A.B. director (Glenn Close) cannot be allowed to be undone by the sentiments and presence of a few rogue sisters.

The Magnificent Septuplets are played, in a multifaceted tour de force display of their divergent personality traits, attitudes and styles, by Noomi Rapace, and even when the plot goes bonkers and the violence gets overdone, the sheer force of her smart, sassy and sexy performance/s keeps you hooked. Really, it’s not surprising that Glenn Close would be in charge of those who mate like bunnies, when Fatal Attraction told us she knew what to do with a wild hare: she eats up the villain role.

Shot in Romania, with assorted branches of special effects work done in multiple countries. A bare theatrical release in the States, for awards qualification purposes, only ranked 252nd on the 2017 boxoffice list, but it did make $27,975,000 internationally. On the strength of Rapace’s full-bodied tackle of the heroines, this has a decent bet for a cult following.

With Clara Read (as the young seven), Marwen Kanzari, Christian Rubek and Cassie Clare. Robert Wagner has a quick bit (why?) as a journalist. 123 minutes.

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