The Next Man


Cheer up, lass: no one will ever see this

THE NEXT MAN—–Sean Connery portrayed a Moroccan Berber warrior sparking an international incident in 1975s The Wind And The Lion.  A year later he played a Saudi Arabian diplomat in this ‘international thriller’.  The difference between the first adventure—a witty and exciting classic—and this one is that John Milius, writer and director of ‘Wind’, knew how to tell a story.  Hack director Richard C. Sarafian, who co-wrote this with three other guys, fails in every respect.  ‘Khalil Abdul-Muhsen’ (Connery) wants to include Israel in OPEC and bring about that elusive Middle East Peace.  Nefarious opponents send beautiful hit-woman ‘Nicole Scott’ (Cornelia Sharpe) to romance him and—when the time is right…


Don’t worry: I will marry the producer of this turkey.

…when the time is right you’ll wake up and realize you took a surprise nap during the 108 minutes of globe-trotting mindlessness and waste of a classy star in eight location lands (England, France, Germany, Austria, The Bahamas, Ireland, Morocco and the US of A).

It’s not as bad as Sean’s worst, 1974s The Terrorists, but it’s still one rotten tomato. With Albert Paulsen, Adolfo Celi, Charles Cioffi and Jaime Sanchez. It came in 171st for the year, just ahead of the actual Mid East Peace Process.


Pleading the U.N. to condemn this movie



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