The Island (1980)


   THE ISLAND (1980)—-artistic, critical and box-office debacle from 1980, directed by Michael Ritchie, hoping to use Peter Benchley’s story and script to have another Jaws-scale hit, this time about modern-day pirates in the Bermuda Triangle.

Michael Caine gets captured by depraved David Warner and his louts—descendants of buccaneers from the past, living as a throwback colony on the uncharted isle of the title.  They prey on yachts, in blood-splashing manner (it’s an ugly movie, despite the bright locations).  At least Mike gets to mop the deck with the grotty swine at the end, in a suitably guys-yelling fashion with a helpful .50 caliber machine gun.  Rest of the movie sinks.

It made $15,700,000, but that was just swallowed bilge water in view of the $22,000,000 ballast they laid in to finance it.  Filmed in Antigua, it has developed somewhat of a cult following.  With Angela Punch McGregor.

The Island 2

You will empathize




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