Silent Rage


SILENT RAGE—–the title fulfilled itself upon patrons of this 1982 sci-fi actioner with Chuck Norris.  A “medical experiment” (never good news in a movie) makes a mentally ill guy into an Unstoppable Rampager Person. “I don’t care if he killed 100 people! We are scientists not moralists!”

Though Norris fans doled out $10,500,000 to sit through its 103 minutes, I would suggest anything else (tour a paint store, hose down the dog house). The re-animation process could have been used to bring a semblance of life to the leading man, but the boundaries of science can only be pushed so far.  With Brian Libby, Ron Silver, Steven Keats, Toni Kalem and Stephen Furst (postgrad after Animal House). Produced for $4,500,000, directed by Michael Miller.


Business-minding Chuck not even allowed to eat burger in peace




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