Shoot Out


SHOOT OUT  ranks pretty darn low on the resumes of Gregory Peck and director Henry Hathaway.  Peck hoped teaming the director of True Grit  with its producer (Hal Wallis) and screenwriter (Marguerite Roberts) would hit paydirt for him like the trio had for John Wayne.  Results were derivative, flat and a failure, making only $1,800,000 in 1971.  Since it cost $1,190,000, no one was happy.  Critics were not pleased, and Peck had to wrestle with a serious career downturn as this was his sixth of seven turkeys in a row.shootoutpeck

95 boring minutes, with Patricia Quinn, Robert F. Lyons (overacting like a house afire), Susan Tyrell, James Gregory, Rita Gam, Jeff Corey, Pepe Serna, John Davis Chandler, Paul Fix, Arthur Hunnicutt and Willis Bouchley ( his last of over 150 credits).

Hathaway, known as a real SOB to work for, blamed Peck for the fizzle, and the dignified actor evinced no love in return, deeming the director “paranoiac”. They’d worked together before, on ‘The Plains’ segment of How The West Was Won, but none of that success migrated to this match up.









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