PARANOIA—– made some headlines and a few bucks in 1969 because of a Playboy-hyped nude shower scene with Carroll Baker (like my hormone control was so weak as a teenager that I’d ever stoop to seeking that out). It’s one of a number of Italian cheapies that marked her fall from grace as an A-list actress after producer Joseph E. Levine and the press blacklisted her in Hollywood. She’d sued Levine, following the disaster of Harlow.  Levinian Ego & Paramount Power responded and a beautiful and talented actress who had headlined major productions like How The West Was Won, The Carpetbaggers and Cheyenne Autumn was reduced to titles like Her Harem, The Sweet Body Of Deborah and this wanker, titled Orgasmo in Italy (another reason to move there). She plays a rich widow, victimized by a couple of swindlers.

Sputtering for 90 minutes, featuring Lou Castel and Colette Descombes, it was directed by Umberto Lenzi, who had honed his skills on such immortals as Messalina Vs. The Son Of Hercules and Operation Exterminate. He would later grace the screen with Spasmo, Eyeball and The Cynic, the Rat and The Fist.


Found in pages of Playboy while reading their articles

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