Invasion Of The Animal People


   INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE  was shot in Sweden in 1959 by director Virgil W. Vogel. Story has a geologist and his figure-skater girlfriend checking out why reindeer have been wiped out up in Lapland.  With a budget of a whopping $40,000 you can believe the monster they find (from space, via meteorite–a hitchhiker, apparently) is none too wondrous. Depending on which version you are lucky enough to step in, it runs 55, 73 or 81 minutes.

The Swedish title was Space Invasion Of Lapland.  With Robert Burton and Barbara Wilson, plus the voice of John Carradine narrating.  Pretty awful, although I remember being kind of creeped out by the monster when I was a kid.


All I know is I got on a meteorite and woke up in Lapland



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