FIREFOX—-Clint Eastwood has directed 35 movies. A number are excellent, most are at least pretty good, one or two stink. This 1982 skunk is in the bottom rung, just a notch over Absolute Power.  Ex Nam vet, ex POW, Russian-speaking rogue pilot Eastwood (one of the 22 times he acted under his own direction) steals a Soviet super-plane prototype and tries to fly it out of Russia while being pursued by the KGB.

Long (146 minutes), slow, boring, with credibility hot air pockets you could zoom the title jet through.  Only some of the airborne scenes are moderately effective. Expensive ($21,000,000), it did lift $71,000,000 from Clint fans expecting something better.

With Freddie Jones (awful performance), Ronald Lacey, Nigel Hawthorne, David Huffman, Warren Clarke.


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