Hannie Caulder


   HANNIE CAULDER  lasts only 85 minutes, but that’s 84 too many to spend with this idiotic 1971 nonsense that has Raquel Welch, outfitted like a frontier sex-bomb, becoming a gunfighter to avenge the messy murder of her husband and her disgusting rape at the hands of the vile and filthy Ernest Borgnine, Strother Martin and Jack Elam. hannie-caulder-730x775 Robert Culp helps her, while Christopher Lee and Stephen Boyd show up in cameos.

Directed, badly, by Burt Kennedy, the script mixes coarse comedy with bloody mayhem.  Again with the Spanish locations.  Some people actually like this movie, which laid an egg when it came out, 66th place in the States, continuing the beauteous Raquel’s string of flops. I liked looking at her as much as the next caveman, but this one tests the limits of desire.



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