Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

sandra-bullock-twin-towers-extremely-loud-incredibly-close-9-11EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE—-the worst movie ever nominated for Best Picture?  My vote, and yes, I’ve seen The Greatest Show On Earth, Doctor Dolittle, Love Story and Airport and I would watch those back-to-back, for a week, standing on my head, rather than put up with the character portrayed by and performance of same from Thomas Horn.

Off-putting doesn’t cover it, despite the pro work from Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Max Von Sydow (also nominated, as Supporting Actor, maybe a nod to valor above & beyond just for being in the same scene–or room, as young master Horn), John Goodman, Viola Davis and Jeffrey Wright.

Poorly conceived, and delivered with the subtlety of a leaf blower at a funeral.   Directed for $40,000,000 by Stephen Daldry, along with those two nominations it scraped up $55,200,000.  It’s not a good sign when you’re watching a movie about a damaged child and you find yourself actually wanting to damage the little &%$#@! tyke.


Max is not acting




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