Betrayed (1954)

Poster - Betrayed (1954)_02

BETRAYED  was Clark Gable’s adieu to MGM after 24 years, and it’s a letdown, not aided by Lana Turner and Victor Mature (as ‘The Scarf’) when they get tangled up being part of the Dutch Resistance to the Nazis.  Is one of them a fake?  You won’t care much if you decide you have 108 minutes to burn, and the story’s conclusion during the battle for Arnhem makes that seem like little more than a raid instead of the full-scale attack that went so disastrously wrong.

7965327b3ce7a8bd9d4b0700b6c Directed by Gottfried Reinhardt, it has a decent production look, with $1,674,000 offloaded, partly to the three stars, partly on color location shooting in The Netherlands, but the script wobbles, the pace slogs and the actors walk through with little pluck.

With Louis Calhern, O.E. Hasse, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Niall MacGinnis, Roland Culver and in bits Theodore Bikel, Richard Anderson and the ubiquitous Anton Diffring.  In 1954 it did manage to dredge $5,380,000 from the stars loyal legions, who put it at 60th place among the year’s crop.


Hey, this resistance stuff is keen!


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