Tomorrow Never Dies


TOMORROW NEVER DIES —-talk about a Generic James Bond Movie Title, this is #2 of Pierce Brosnan’s quartet. From 1997, it has our hero fighting the power-mad designs of a media mogul (are we getting desperate yet?) who wants to get a war ( the World kind) started to complete his control of communications.  A riff on Rupert Murdoch (though not quite as evil) but this is so lame it’s hard to remember much of anything beyond co-star Michelle Yeoh: Bond ally and fellow butt-kicker.Wai_Lin_Tomorrow_Never_Dies

xinsrc_1521103142006000000221The elegant and lethal Michelle is as formidable a damsel as the series paraded, but it’s a shame she’s stuck in a sluggish outing, directed here by Roger Spottiswoode.  The budget went through the roof to $110,000,000, doubling previous already costly forays, and there were a lot of script problems (from a slew of hands in the mix).  As the bad guy, Jonathan Pryce is merely irritating, and aside from some action involving Yeoh, the movie feels flat and lacks visual flair, even with all the movement.tomorrow-never-dies_5 Locations assaulted over 119 minutes include Germany, Thailand (representing Vietnam), France and Hawaii.  I like Brosnan, but his Bond films seem so interchangeable, it’s hard to differentiate between them. It made a ton of dough– something like $333,000,000.

With Teri Hatcher, Joe Don Baker (huh? again?), Ricky Jay, Gotz Otto, Judi Dench, Desmond Llewelyn, Samantha Bond. Snooze alarm.


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