OCTOPUSSY —never mind the cartoon title: who’s bright idea was it to have Roger Moore dress as a circus clown?  In the unlucky 13th Bond escapade, stolen Faberge eggs will help finance a plan to get Europe to disarm so the Soviets can 6d340430c740e28595b6d55ea1b2135binvade. Sure.

Moore’s 6th go-round shows him visibly past it (he was 55 by then and wanted out ) and having him don a gorilla suit and make a Tarzan yell (clown costume not bad enough?) backfired for stalwart fans. Weak villains Louis Jourdan and Steven Berkoff, overlength at 131 minutes.

Exotic location scenics courtesy of the city of Udaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, but some of the chase-thru-crowd scenes come off regrettably demeaning.  Maud Adams is unexciting as the main squeeze, but villain-girl Kristina Wayborn is sexy.

Directed by John Glen, cost $27,500,000, raking in $183,000,000 in 1983, featuring Kebir Bedi, Desmond Llewelyn, Lois Maxwell, Walter Gotell, Robert Brown, Geoffrey Keen, Douglas Wilmer A few good stunts, of course, and a demolished octopus tank.


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