Sunshine Cleaning


SUNSHINE CLEANING  had me as soon as I saw it starred both Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.  “Life’s a messy business.” The 2008 indie charmer is a pocket-scaled, human-sized comedy-drama, directed by Christine Jeffs, written by Megan Holley.  Two sisters, one a responsible single mother, the other just single and kind of a foul-up, both struggling to make ends meet, form a unique janitorial service, cleaning up bio hazard offal, blood and human remains from crime scenes in Albuquerque.  Someone has to do it.


It’s no surprise that by the time the 91 cheeky minutes have run their spool that the siblings will learn more about each other, and some plot issues will resolve to satisfaction. It’s all in the way they play it, and with two of the best (and most adorable) actresses at large this scores on both funny bone and heart in just the right amounts.


Helps to have backup from Alan Arkin and Steve Zahn.  With Jason Spevack, Mary Lynn Raszkub, Paul Dooley, Clifton Collins Jr. (excellent), Judith Jones.  Costing $8,000,000, it drew $16,174,000.



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