Edge Of Tomorrow


EDGE OF TOMORROW—-big-scale Tom Cruise science-fiction epic runs down in the last quarter, like many ‘concept’ movies that carry an interesting idea along with zip and panache until wandering into the Now,How Do We Wrap This Up?  box canyon.  Aliens, dubbed ‘Mimics’, of bizarre form, lousy disposition and seeming invincibility, have overrun Europe and the desperate united armies of mankind (good luck) stage a massive landing on the beaches of France to try and stave off annihilation.


Cruise has a good role as a hapless public relations officer who is—bummer surprise!— assigned to a first-wave combat unit. He gets killed, pronto, and in some Time Loop Situation must continually repeat the experience, getting a little better each time at surviving a little longer (rather like Life).  He joins forces with veteran death-survivor Emily Blunt who coaches him into being a more adept warrior. The film is also known by the title Live. Die. Repeat.


The gigantic CGI battle scenes of the suicidal attack on the beach (shades of Normandy/Tarawa/Iwo Jima) are quite impressive, spectacular enough on their own to warrant a look.  Costing a whopping $178,000,000 (monsters and explosions don’t come cheap any more), the Doug Liman-directed mayhem grossed $370,500,000 around the alien-wary globe.

From 2014, girded for a sequel, this blasts through 113 minutes, with Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson, Kick Gurry and Dragomir Mrsic. With names like Kick and Dragomir you should watch… Just On Account Of Because….



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