Enough Said


ENOUGH SAID carries a twin seasoning of sadness within its 93 minutes of unforced funny dialogue and wry observation. First is the measure of bittersweet that’s locked into the script as it looks with kindness (no pratfall junk this time) on the aching hearts of the unattached (or disregarded) middle-aged folk who walk among us.  The second pull to Earth is simply watching the late James Gandolfini in his next-to-last role: he died before the movie was released.


Written & directed by the perceptive Nicole Holofcener, the modest ($8,000,000) 2013 sleeper made a comfortable $25,300,000 and drew grateful reviews from those who longed for a craft of adult-minded humor to somehow poke to the surface among the sea of by-the-numbers crass comedies steadily cranked out for the indiscriminati. 


Divorced masseuse Julia Louis-Dreyfuss meets divorced television historian Gandolfini at a party. Unaware of the connection, she also befriends her new interest’s ex (Catherine Keener).  The brittle teenage daughters of the tentative romantics are both about to leave the nest, and this adds to the complications.  It’s all done with equal shares of sincerity, wit, charm and believability that put writer-director Holofcener firmly on track (her fifth feature) as a mature distaff inheritor of the Muse Motif Metronome traditionally wielded by the likes of Ernest Lubitsch and Woody Allen (she has the laugh-chops, in other words).


It’s the best work since Seinfeld‘s ‘Elaine’ from Dreyfuss and a gentle, heartfelt piece to add to Gandolfini’s all-too-brief roster of characters.  EVA: “Did they just turn the music louder?”  ALBERT: “No, I think you just got older.”

With Toni Collette, Ben Falcone, Eve Hewson, Tracey Fairaway and Tavi Gevison.


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