Single White Female


SINGLE WHITE FEMALE —-so many of these Peril movies come and go, that it’s too easy to lump them all together in one gloppy stew, but there are a few excellent entries, and there are also a number that deserve at least a nod for competence. This 1992 intimate thriller directed by Barbet Schroeder holds up, with its effective acting from leads Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh.


Fonda’s advertisement for a new room-mate brings in Leigh, who as it turns out has some serious coping deficiencies. If you missed Fatal Attractionor if, more likely, you have had a bad experience with a live-in situation, then you will get some 107 minutes of passing amusement tension with this little number. Leigh plays eerie-creepy-generally disturbed as well as anyone in the field and Fonda was always good–she had another hit that year with the smart comedy Singles- –she’s been away from acting since marrying composer Danny Elfman in 2003.

Well photographed by Luciano Tovoli, smooth music backing from Howard Shore. With Steven Weber, Stephen Tobolowsky and the always welcome Kenneth Tobey, here sadly reduced to a small role as a desk clerk, but still game at 75. A cost of $16,000,000 returned a solid $48,000,000 along with decent reviews. “Don’t make me come get you!”


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