Good Bye, Lenin!


GOOD BYE, LENIN!  is an ingeniously fun, ultimately touching dramedy from Germany in 2003, much applauded by critics and numerous award fests, with gratifying success at the international box-office (around $59,000,000).

Set in 1989-90, in East Germany, it follows tirelessly devoted Party favorite ‘Christiane’ (Katrin Sass), who has a heart attack during a democracy protest where her son is arrested. In a coma for a year, on awakening she is ‘protected’ by her son from knowing that while she was asleep, the Wall came down, Communism bit the dust and the West’s largesse and silliness have flooded into the socialist purity she’d done so much to protect.good-bye-lenintelecast


Marvelous work from Daniel Bruhl (25 here) as ‘Alexander’, the endlessly inventive and deeply caring son, with backup from Chulpan Khamatova, Maria Simon and Floria Lukas. Good score from Yann Tiersen.

Running 121 minutes, directed by Wolfgang Becker, humane little movie has wit to spare and heart to match.


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