Wild Tales

wild tales

WILD TALES, written & directed by Damian Szifron, was the most successful movie in Argentine history, got nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar for 2014, and amassed $30,000,000, ten times what it cost to produce. Bravo! and three cheers, as this is a brilliantly done,very black comedy (with one straight dramatic episode), composed of six separate short stories, linked only by their delve into vengeance. Wild-Tales-Ricardo-Darin


It’s a crime to detail any of the fiendishly ironic plots, as they depend on surprising the viewer, so a simple listing is all you get here beyond some credits. In order, relish Pasternak, Las Ratas (The Rats), El mas fuerte (The Strongest), Bombita (Little Bomb), La Propuestra (The Proposal) and  Hasta que la muerte nos separe (Until Death Do Us Part).  122 minutes all told.wild-tales2

The script and direction are perfect, the visual look is rich (camerawork from Javier Julia), production design, score and editing all striking. Cast are just flat marvelous: Ricardo Darin, Erica Rivas, Walter Donado, Rita Cortese, Oscar Martinez , to name but a few.  Pretty much a social commentary masterpiece.wild-tales (1)

Giggle and squirm, guffaw and cringe, and maybe pause to ponder: next time you leave someone in the lurch, hope you are ready for the consequences.


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