Goodbye World


……too laid back to even say “awesome”………..

GOODBYE WORLD is a teeth-gnashing attempt to graft The Big Chill onto a post-apocalypse disaster movie (without special effects, not that they would help the script). Dennis Hennelly directs his cast well enough: to their credit, the performers try. But his script (with Sarah Adina Smith–don’t give up that nanny position yet) is phony beyond enumeration.

As the nation collapses into anarchy, thanks to an attack on its electronic grids, a group of former college friends (the only group movies like this come up with—part hipster, part earth-firster, part sellout) gather at the self-sustaining, Mendocino, California hillside of their most ‘enlightened’ members.


Oh, how you will grow to hate these people.


“Do I get to actually recite from the Constitution when facing down a mob, after I just shot a guy in the face?”

While society decays, they engage in drippy faux-moralizing, whine like millennial brats, partner-swap, hot-tub, get high, and get so obnoxiously fake you’ll wish the damned End of All We Know would hurry up already. 99 minutes. With Adrien Grenier (please, leave), Kerry Bishe (unbearable), Caroline Dhavernas (interesting), Mark Weber (smirk), Ben McKenzie (smarm), Gaby Hoffman (snarl), Link Hand (Link Hand? ), Scott Mescudi (awful).


I am the Conscience.

There are bad movies by the derivative-load. Some are fun-bad, in a classic-sorta’ way—Valley Of The Dolls— and this earnest-schmernest 2013 tripe has some passages of dialogue and behavior that rise/sink to a level of ‘watch-this’- badness. Advice: first fifteen minutes sets up okay premise. Talk begins, unabated. Skip ahead here & there and drop in to whatever vacuous nonsense is being spouted. Shake head and move on the next. Watch end of movie. Give up remaining hope for the future.


Spend your last days with the most self-indulgent bunch of jerks this side of Congress.

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