The Great Bank Robbery


THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY  is somewhat of an oddity for its cast: Zero Mostel, Clint Walker, Kim Novak, Claude Akins, Akim Tamiroff, Larry Storch and Mako. (???)  A labored 1969 comedy western, it’s amusing to begin with, but is basically another bloated skit, and it’s doubtful you’ll stick with it for more than a third of its 98 minutes.

2 (1)

Akim Tamiroff and Larry Storch give it their all

It’s about four different groups trying to rob the same bank. The cast ham it up as required, but it’s just Too Much And Not Enough. The heavily stoned might get a few laughs. Tamiroff is funny. There are some sexy views of the Novak anatomy. Costing somewhere around $7,000,000, it was a major box-office bomb when it only brought back $4,300,000.


Packed with character actors: Ruth Warrick, Elisha Cook, John Anderson, Sam Jaffe, Peter Whitney, John Fiedler, John Larch, Norman Alden, Bob Steele, Grady Sutton. Directed by Hy Averback. Written by William Peter Blatty.

Kim Novak called it quits for four years after this flop, as she was on a losing streak and was fed up with the biz. Since 1964 she’d been in Of Human Bondage, Kiss Me Stupid, The Amorous Adventures of Of Moll Flanders, The Legend Of Lylah Clare, then this,-and they’d all failed critically and commercially, with her getting a large share of the blame (unfairly).

Walker had tried to make it as a movie star after leaving TVs Cheyenne, but apart from being one of The Dirty Dozen, his big-screen efforts failed to ignite.


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