Someone Behind The Door


Reading the reviews

SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR is a rather dumb French-import suspenser from 1971, cranked out to draw on Charles Bronson’s established European audience. He plays an amnesic murderer who is steered into being the fall-guy for another man’s crime, committed by cuckolded psychiatrist Anthony Perkins (just who you would want to treat your mental problems). australian_db_someone_behind_the_door_HP01550_L

Listlessly directed (Nicholas Gessner) and photographed, poorly edited, its 4-man script is a stew of pointless irrationality. All that this dum-dum quickie offers is a chance for hardcore fans of the two vastly different stars to see how they play off each others personas. They both act bored, a condition that will require little projection from viewers. With Jill Ireland, Henri Garcin and Adriano Magestretti. 97 minutes.

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