Alcatraz Express


ALCATRAZ EXPRESS  is the most action-packed of the three two-parter’s from The Untouchables that were spliced into feature films in 1960. In this one, Eliot Ness (Robert Stack) must make sure that Al Capone (Neville Brand) gets from the pen in Atlanta to “the Rock”, via train. Frank Nitti (Bruce Gordon) has other ideas.

A heap of good character bits show up, along with several blazing gunfights. The same fast narrative, fine Nelson Riddle scoring, excellent sound, editing, and camerawork that helped make the show a classic. 90 minutes directed by John Peyser.

With Paul Picerni, Ron Hagerthy, Nick Georgiade, William Schallert, James Westerfield, Robert Foulk, Steve London, Eddie Firestone, Russ Conway, Gavin MacLeod, Richard Bakalyan, Robert F. Simon, John Hoyt, Able Fernandez, Charles Lane, Gregg Palmer, John Dennis.

The other two-parter’s are The Scarface Mob and The Gun Of Zangara.

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