The Grass Is Greener



THE GRASS IS GREENER is a genteel drawing-room comedy, offering some smiles, a few chuckles, scant laughs. A curious letdown as it has a can’t miss cast (Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons), a quality producer-director (Stanley Donen) and drew a music score from Noel Coward.

The Grass Is Greener 2

Apart from the interest of the he-mannish Mitchum aligned with the sophisticated Brits, the uninvolving script places Bob, as a visiting American millionaire, into an adulterous gig with Grant’s wife, Kerr, practically at first sight. Simmons minxes Cary, while he frets over his spouses dalliance.

Stylish sets are the productions most notable asset. The four pros do what they can, but the plot, direction and an excess of pseudo-witty dialogue deflate the efforts of the others. From 1960, running rather tedious 104 minutes. It did make $8,570,000, landing on spot #35 of the years releases, the star-powered quartet pulling fans who forgot about it as soon as they got back into their station wagons.


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