The Second Time Around

057-debbie-reynolds-theredlistTHE SECOND TIME AROUND is nice ‘family entertainment’ from 1961, served up in a turn-of-century (1911) western comedy that has Debbie Reynolds moving to Arizona, contending with various suitors, ending up as sheriff of the little hamlet they all call home.

Don’t look for anything all that fresh, just light rehashing of some amiable clichés, handled by director Vincent Sherman. As Reynold’s room-mate, Thelma Ritter is always worth watching; they were such a likable duo that they were teamed again next year in How The West Was Won. b70-15257

Steve Forrest and Andy Griffith behave as required as competitors for Deb. Ken Scott’s the bad guy, Juliet Prowse adds a dash of sex, Rodolpho Acosta is the put-upon underdog. Nothing to stay up late for, but as filler fluff, it’s painless. 99 minutes, with Timothy Carey, Blossom Rock and Isobel Elsom. Box-office came to a tidy $2,100,000.

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