The Dark Corner


THE DARK CORNER is a well-made 1946 who-done-what?, with its share of grins coming through the cryptic period dialogue and the delivery of same from the cast, especially the always able William Bendix. Main drawback is the leading role as put over by Mark Stevens—no threat to Bogart. He plays a private dick being set up as a fall guy by parties unknown. Lucille Ball is his faithful, enamored secretary, Bendix the hulk of the piece, Clifton Webb the snide brains behind the scam. Fairly brutal action scenes for its day, directed by Henry Hathaway.

With Kurt Kreuger, Cathy Downs and Reed Hadley, coming in at 99 minutes. It lagged at 101st place for earnings.  Lucy hated the experience of making the film, due to the tyrannical nastiness of Hathaway, who berated her so badly she began to stutter.4d4291b6d0a12c5e025c6af4ac185b1b 9190fdd4d0a8bf77f81384324805d58b

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