The D.I.


THE D.I.—-was directed and produced by Jack Webb in 1957.  He also emphatically stars, as a tough Marine drill sergeant at Parris Island who whips puffball recruits into shape and makes time with the regional dames like there’s no tomorrow.  And so forth.  For a while, this drama holds interest, but eventually Webb’s constant bellowing will turn you off. Not a huge sympathy factor locked & loaded there, Sarge.

The drilling sequences have some effect (compare it with Full Metal Jacket), and the camerawork from Edward Colman is sharp, but it’s a movie with limited audience appeal.

Co-starring Don Dubbins, Jackie Loughery, (that would be ‘Mrs. Jack Webb’ at the time), Lin McCarthy and Monica Lewis.  Efficient enough at 106 minutes, the compact Corps-pleasing film actually pulled in around $2,500,000, a decent haul in its day, 35th place for the year.


Someone about to be designated as a ‘puke’

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