Marriage On The Rocks


MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS is a 1965 sex comedy, with all the leering farce that implies. What was barely passable back when is pretty dire going now, despite all the talent involved. Frank Sinatra and Deborah Kerr head to Tijuana for a quickie divorce, and she ends up hitched to his best buddy, Dean Martin.


Dino’s pad


Workin’ hard.

A pretty foolish exercise, it has professional glossy packaging, directed by Jack Donahue. Starlet-of-the-moment Joi Lansing looks nasty in a bikini. 109 minutes, with Cesar Romero, Hermione Baddeley, Tony Bill, Nancy Sinatra, John McGiver, DeForest Kelly, Flip Mark, Parley Baer “and Trini Lopez“.   Lousy reviews didn’t keep it from making $3,000,000. Mexico was so upset they banned Sinatra films altogether (whatever you do, don’t make Mexico appear corrupt).  Nancy got fed up with her husband Tommy Sands and dumped him during production; her singing career took off next year (she never clicked in films). Skip it.bfi-00n-k9q

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