Car Wash


CAR WASH is a funny, good-natured audience pleaser from 1976, centering around an inner-city car wash, filmed at one located on 6th and Rampart in Los Angeles. No plot, just a series of vignettes involving the employees, mostly black, and their customers, mostly white, over the course of a typical wash 1b

07219-1Crude, lewd, fast, even touching, failing only when it tries to get too serious. Sophistication is at a minimum, but there are plenty of laughs, and the fine cast play 97 minutes for all it’s worth. Excellent music score, including the title tune from Rose Royce, edited neatly into the doings.

Coming in 25th place for the ’76, it’s a good time, directed by Michael Schultz, populated with Richard Pryor, Ivan Dixon, Sully Boyer, Melanie Mayron, Bill Duke, Franklin Ajaye, Antonio Fargas, Pepe Serna, George Carlin, Lorraine Gary, Garrett Morris, The Pointer Sisters, Professor Irwin Corey, Clarence Muse and Jack Kehoe.


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