The Octagon


THE OCTAGON—–Chuck Norris and Karen Carlson are discussing hiring him to guard her against ninjas—NORRIS: And what was the plan in my case?  CARLSON: Well, I had hoped to entice you into taking a personal interest in things.  NORRIS: That’s an insult to both of us. It makes me stupid and you a whore.  CARLSON: Well, perhaps that’s why in a way I’m glad it didn’t work.  NORRIS: I’m glad you’re glad..and goodbye.  CARLSON: Well, don’t forget your integrity! Without it you come very close to being a rock-heart.


Two guys who don’t blink. Or cannot.

Not much in the way of intelligence or worth in the 103 minutes of this 1980 body count, except when Chuck kicks his way through opponents: in fight scenes, especially with Tadashi Yamashita, he’s impressive. When not throwing a punch, his range of expression makes Charles Bronson look like Rip Taylor.

Idiocy was directed by Eric Karson, and drags along Lee Van Cleef, Art Hindle, Carol Bagdasarian and Jack Carter. It apparently became some sort of a cult thing for martial artists and grossed a healthy (or disturbing) $18,000,000.


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