Pump Up The Volume


PUMP UP THE VOLUME —“Talk hard! ”  I stayed away from this for some time (it came out in 1990), thinking ‘spare me,another angry teenager movie’, and I guess I felt like many people finally making a sort of bastard peace with high school, I didn’t know how much more could be bled from the dislocation of grades 9 through 12.

Plenty, as this dead-on piece of 90s spindrift hurls at us. Set in an Arizona ‘model’ high school, named after Hubert Humphrey, this tells the outlaw tale of a pirate of the airwaves, a phantom DJ who tells it like it is for teens, even while the real-life plight of the ‘voice’ is one of painful shyness and alienation.Pump-up-the-Volume-seth-green-292089_720_480

Marvelous acting from Christian Slater, sharply directed by Allan Moyle from his own terrific script. The class of believable kids helps make this into an ace of a sleeper. Good rock score. 102 minutes, with Samantha Mathis, Mimi Kennedy, Scott Paulin, Annie Ross, Seth Green, Andy Romano, James Hampton. Would make a good triple-bill with Heathers and The Breakfast Club.



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